The Matrix: Reloaded: Thursday, December 5th, at 4:30PM PST/EST, MTV's Movie House will be featuring Keanu Reeves and special sneak peek at The Matrix: Reloaded. The show will also feature the likes of Gangs Of New York star, Leonardo Dicaprio. Don't miss out!

In addition, rumor has it that a Matrix DVD gift set, which will include The Matrix: Reloaded, will be hitting shelves next November in conjunction with the release of The Matrix: Revolutions in theaters.

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Equilibrium: A few new stills from the film are up at Movieweb. CLICK HERE to check them out!

In addition, Smilin' Jack Ruby over at CHUD has interviewed director Kurt Wimmer about the project where he reveals many details about the film and it's production. Don't be scared. CLICK HERE

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Hellboy: Beginning shooting in March, Variety is reporting that Selma Blair will join Ron Perlmen to star in Guillermo Del Toro's comic book adaptation of Hellboy. The movie is to be released in 2004. For more info, stay tuned to this page!

In addition, Fangoria recently featured Del Toro in which he spoke of details concerning the Blade series as well as the upcoming Hellboy. For the full account, CLICK HERE

Master & Commander: The Far Side Of The World: New photo are online from the film all over the web:

javascript:;|CLICK HERE for a USA Today scan for Russell Crowe.

javascript:;|CLICK HERE for image 1 of the ship.

javascript:;|CLICK HERE for image 2 of the ship.

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Lara Croft: Tomb Raider: The Cradle Of Life: Recently Entertainment Tonight interviewed Angelina Jolie about her role in the sequel to Tomb Raider. If you missed the clip, have no fear, we've got it for you right here...

CLICK HERE for ET's online article with Jolie.

CLICK HERE for ET's video clip with the star!

X-Men 2: According to Dark Horizons, Brian Cox revealed a major plot spoiler 2 nights ago on UK TV:

Movie Picture

Cox revealed that his character, Stryker, will be chained to a dam that is ready to explode by the end of the film!

Movie Picture

In addition, PageSix{/bold is reporting of some troubles on the set of X2. For details, CLICK HERE

Star Trek: Nemesis: Screenwriter John Logan was interviewed by DreamWatch magazine recently where he addressed why Spock or Sela will not be appearing in the new film:

"We had a great deal of discussion about Ambassador Spock and how he may or may not have played into what's happening," Logan notes. "Because of the way the plot developed there wasn't really a need for him. As much as I love Spock - and what writer in the world wouldn't want to write Spock - there was just no way to make it work elegantly, so it wouldn't just seem like we were throwing Spock in there."

For more on this story visit TrekWeb. CLICK HERE

The Amazing Spider-man: Ted Raimi, brother of Spider-man director, Sam Raimi, spoke at the Mid-Ohio-Con last weekend about the new film:

"Spider-Man 2 has begun shooting already, and we don't even have a script," Raimi said, laughing. "That's very typical Hollywood. 'Let's shoot it!' 'What are we shooting?' 'I don't know, roll cameras! Get Tobey Maguire in here, where is he?'"

More details on his returning character, "Hoffman", are up at Comics Continuum. CLICK HERE

Spawn 2:Comics2Film have gotten a hold of a scoop concerning a new writer for the sequel to Spawn. It seems frequent comic-to-film scribe Hans Rodionoff will be penning a script for the sequel:

Rodionoff's involvement in the McFarlane sequel was confirmed for us yesterday by producer Don Murphy. "Hans is a god among men and is writing away" Murphy told us.

CLICK HERE for more details.

Pirates Of The Caribbean: A new poster has been released for the film! Check it out...CLICK HERE

The Polar Express: Many things were revealed this week by The LA Times about Robert Zemeckis' next, The Polar Express, due in theaters in 2004 or 2005:

The plan this time is to create a live-action movie without filming any true "live" action.

All of the scenes in "The Polar Express" will be shot with digital cameras in front of a blank screen, with sets to be filled in later by computers. The actors will be covered in motion-capture sensors so that each move of an arm, each flicker of an eyelid and each wrinkle of a lip will be stored on a computer and used as guide for the digital animators who will create the actual movie footage.

The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen:IGN Filmforce has an article running right now about a few pages of the script that 'were' online. They have since been taken down, but IGN' s report is still giving away some key spoilers.

This particular scene (pages 117-119) not only reveals the film's final moments but a MAJOR SPOILER about the fate of one of the main characters as well. The coda introduces Campion Bond as "an elegant gentleman" who greets the League after their climatic battle with the villainous "Fantom."

CLICK HERE for more info, and more links! Thanks to 'Stax'

Gladiator 2: John Scribe recently did an interview for the World Entertainment New Network in which he delivered some juicy details on the proposed sequel to Gladiator:

"It's in the story phase. I'm meeting with Ridley [Scott, director of the original film] and talking about what it should be and sort of flushing it out," Logan reveals. "It's early days, trying to pick out a story. It does have something to do with the first one and I'm not calling it a sequel. It's going to be very exciting."

Jungle Book 2: French movie site, Cinemovies, has posted a bunch of new stills from the movie. CLICK HERE

Empire: John Leguizamo recently talked with LatinoReview about his upcoming role in Empire and you can hear it in Real Audio! CLICK HERE

Killing Me Softly: Over a dozen new photos from the film are now online at LatinoReview. CLICK HERE

Linda Lovelace Biopic: According to a scooper Ain't It Cool, Angela Jolie might be eyeing a role in a biopic of Deep Throat star, Linda Lovelace. No director or studio is attached at the moment, but the project seems to be in progress. Stay tuned to Lights Out for more on this story...

Battlestar Galatica: A four hour miniseries is to be shot in Vancouver in late March. Star Trek producer, Ronald Moore, having recently been given the greenlight by USA Cable Entertainment, gave some breakdown of the story and characters in a recent Q & A:

After decades of peace with the Cylons (robots built by humans but with enough intelligence to turn against their designers), the humans of Kobol are virtually annihilated in a sneak attack. With a small remnant of humanity surviving aboard the last remaining Battlestar, Commander Adama and President Laura Roslin opt to make a run for it in the Galactica, hoping to reach the humans' legendary homeworld of Earth, while pursued through space by the fanatical, now humanoid Cylons...

Thanks to Coming Soon for the heads up. For more on character breakdowns, visit Filmjerk! CLICK HERE

Clone Wars Cartoon:The has the latest word on the The Clones Wars cartoon we reported on last month. Seems money troubles might have hit the ill fated show:

Unfortunately, everyone here is talking about the Clone War series in the past tense. As in, not going to happen. The project was going to be expansive - the Cartoon Network wanted some of a toy line and merchandising based on the new sub-franchise themselves, and Six Flags even wanted to make rides centered on them. This was going to be a huge operation, possibly as big as the movies themselves. "Event animation," not some cheap cartoon.

All that exists in all actuality is some concept art floating around offline and a short pilot type of episode - really at best described as a story demo reel that looks alot like Tartakovsky's stuff. Character elements look somewhat handdrawn, but it is completely CGI and very few people have been priviy enough to see it. And the now defunct Feature Films Division at ILM (Frankenstein) are responsible for the project so far, which is going to also pose a problem since they no longer exist, being disbanded months before this took off. But the bottom line is that everyone on this end really wants to do it - but wants more that Lucasfilm will offer. As always, it seems to have boiled down to money unless someone blinks first.

The is hoping that this is "part of the process". Of course we all hope to see a highly detailed Star Wars based cartoon hit the boob tube, but for now, it looks like we'll have to wait!

Sundance 2003: The full line up of films for this years festival is now online at the official site. CLICK HERE

Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers: I'd like to thanks everyone who wrote in about my recent review of The Two Towers. Your response to the FAQ section has been extremely overwhelming. I plan on answering more questions today in the 3rd and final part of the FAQ. Thanks again for the support!