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Lots of Matrix news for everyone to sink their teeth into today.

The Matrix Sequels:The Matrix have officially wrapped principal photography in Sydney, Australia! To give fans a little insight into what is going on, the official Matrix website has posted and audio interview with 2nd unit director, Kimble Rendall, explaining the final moments of the production.

CLICK HERE to listen to the interview!There is also a new photo gallery up with some amazing shots of the movies in production. If you're a Matrix fan, you'll defiantly wanna be giving these a look. CLICK HERE

The Animatrix: The official "preview trailer" for the new series has gone live! CLICK HERE

Spider-man 2:Super Hero Hype is reporting a rumor from a scooper that Stellan Skarsgard (Good Will Hunting, Deep Blue Sea) might be attached to play the role of Doctor Octopus in the Spider-man sequel.

Spider-Man 2 starts filming in January, in California, New York and France. Also, only Doc Ock will feature as the villain. Curt Connors will appear but not as as the Lizard. And, they have approached Stellan Skarsgard to play Doc Ock.

Hellboy: The Hellboy site got a bit of an upgrade today. Check the official site out for an exclusive interview with the man to play Hellboy, Ron Pearlman. CLICK HERE

Freddy vs. Jason:Mutant X's Lauren Lee Smith has been cast into the new horror fanboy flick:

"I'm going to play a character named Gibb,” Smith said. “Gibb is a really fun character. She's sort of this tomboy, a party girl, really crazy and out there. And she doesn't quite make it. [My scenes] are actually at a rave. It should be a really, really fun part. I'm really excited about it.”

"I've seen most of the FRIDAY THE 13TH movies, but I've only seen the first NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET. I just could not see another one. I saw NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET when I was about five years old, and I swear to God, I slept with my mom for the next 10 years. I was completely terrified, and I've not seen one of the films since then. So this should be interesting. It's going to be a crazy schedule for the next two months, but I think MUTANT X is going to let me off for an episode or two to go back to Vancouver and do that."

Thanks to Cinescape.

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