The Matrix: Warner Home Video will not be releasing the previously announced The Matrix Special Edition double-disc DVD. In a shift in strategy to broaden The Matrix fan base prior to the May 15 theatrical release of the highly anticipated sequel The Matrix Reloaded, Warner Home Video will reprice The Matrix DVD to $19.99 SRP on April 29.

Also on April 29, WHV will reprice the two-pack of The Matrix and The Matrix Revisited - the complete, behind-the-scenes two-hour companion to The Matrix phenomenon - to a new low price of $34.99 SRP.

The Matrix DVD will include a mail-in movie ticket offer for The Matrix Reloaded, which must be received by June 6, 2003. This offer will be included in The Matrix DVD, in the single as well as two-pack of The Matrix and The Matrix Revisited. Additionally, it will include a $5 mail-in rebate for The Animatrix DVD, releasing June 3 from Warner Home Video. A $3 mail-in rebate for The Matrix DVD will also be included inside the Enter the Matrix video game.

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