The Animatrix DVD: After breaking domestic and international box-office and DVD sales records, garnering four Academy Awards® and setting the standard by which all futuristic action films are measured, The Matrix is poised to break new ground with the highly anticipated release of Warner Home Video and Village Roadshow Pictures' The Animatrix.

An unprecedented fusion of CG-animation and Japanese anime, The Animatrix is a collection of nine original short films conceived by the Wachowski Brothers, the creators of The Matrix trilogy. Inspired by the visionaryaction and innovative storytelling that power the trilogy, this spectacularly visual short film series delves deeper into the mind-bending world of The Matrix and the characters who inhabit it. Created in the anime style pioneered by Japanese animation artists and helmed by world-renowned anime directors, The Animatrix also features the voices of actors Keanu Reeves (Neo) and Carrie-Anne Moss (Trinity) in two of the shorts.

The Animatrix debuts worldwide on DVD and videocassette on June 3, between the release of the next two films in The Matrix trilogy - The Matrix Reloaded, which opens theatrically on May 15, followed by The Matrix Revolutions, which debuts in theaters in November.

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The Animatrix will be available on DVD for $24.98 SRP/$19.95 MAP and on VHS for $19.98 SRP/$13.95 MAP from Warner Home Video (WHV).

The Animatrix features an eclectic techno soundtrack supervised by renowned DJ/producer/remixer Jason Bentley with some of today's hottest electronica artists such as Juno Reactor, Death in Vegas, Massive Attack, Meat Beat Manifesto and others. The original score for the project is provided by Don Davis, who crafted the music for all three films in The Matrix trilogy.

The Animatrix features short films directed by some of the world's premiere

anime filmmakers, including:

* Yoshiaki Kawajiri (writer/director of the anime classics Ninja Scroll and Vampire Hunter D)

* Shinchiro Watanabe (writer/director of the anime feature Cowboy Bebop)

* Koji Morimoto (animation supervisor of the seminal anime film Akira)

* Mahiro Maeda (director of the sci-fi anime series Blue Submarine No. 6)

* Takeshi Koike (lead animator on several of director Yoshiaki Kawajiri's films including Wicked City)

* Peter Chung (creator and director of the popular MTV series Aeon Flux)

* Andy Jones (animation director for the stunning CG film Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within)

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The Animatrix DVD is highlighted by the following special features:

* Scrolls to Screen - The History and Culture of Anime

* Seven "making-of" featurettes including director profiles featuring interviews and behind-the-scenes looks at each film

* Four audio commentaries (featured on the films The Second Renaissance Pt. 1 & 2, Program and World Record) - all with Japanese audio and English subtitles

* Enter The Matrix Game Trailer - exclusive look into the creation of the "Enter The Matrix" video game, featuring interviews from some of the film's stars including Jada Pinkett and Carrie-Anne Moss

The Matrix Special Edition DVD: Tapping into the excitement and anticipation of the eagerly awaited May 15 theatrical release of The Matrix Reloaded, Warner Home Video (WHV) and Village Roadshow Pictures will kick off "The Year of The Matrix" with the release of The Matrix Special Edition DVD. A must-have addition to every movie lover's collection, The Matrix Special Edition two-disc DVD brings consumers a fresh look at one of the most popular and influential films in history with hours of bonus materials, cool collectible foil packaging and an exclusive advance look behind-the-scenes at The Matrix Reloaded. As an added bonus for consumers, each DVD will also contain a free ticket offer, redeemable by mail, for The Matrix Reloaded.

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* Commentary by star Carrie-Anne Moss, visual effects supervisor John Gaeta and editor Zach Staenberg

* Making the Matrix: 26 eye-opening minutes of behind-the-scenes insight

* Music-only track with commentary by composer Don Davis

* Follow the White Rabbit: Interactive feature jumps from a scene to a featurette on the effects that shaped the scene; nine White Rabbit featurettes in all

* Take the Red Pill to two hidden special effects documentaries: What Is the Concept?, a dazzling musical-montage journey from sketch to final effect; and What Is Bullet Time?, the anatomy of the trailblazing technique

* Filmographies

* Widescreen presentation

* Dolby Digital 5.1 Audio

* DVD/ROM features galore:

* Interactive screenplay - read the script as you view comparative storyboards, stills and clips

* Are You the One? interactive challenge

* Seven special genre essays and articles - From Strip to Screen explores comic books on film; martial-arts movie featurette Everybody Loves Kung-Fu Fighting!; a sci-fi film retrospective and more

* Link to original theatrical website

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* Preload: On the Set of Reloaded: Exclusive behind-the-scenes preview of the May 15 theatrical release The Matrix Reloaded*

* The Animatrix extended trailer with highlights from each film*

* Marilyn Manson music video - "Rock is Dead"*

* What is the game?: teaser for the new "Enter the Matrix" videogame*

* theatrical website preview*

* Theatrical trailers/teasers/TV spots*

* The Matrix Revisited: the complete, behind-the-scenes two-hour companion piece to The Matrix phenomenon

* Six behind-the-scenes featurettes on The Matrix

* The Music Revisited: sample up to three hours worth of audio music tracks of the music from the world of The Matrix Revisited

* The Art Revisited: multiple stills galleries with over 800 images

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