The Meg has been given the Honest Trailers treatment. There are many shark movies that have ascended beyond the depths of mediocrity over the years and, be it for the right or wrong reasons, they become a part of pop culture. The Meg certainly managed to ascend and become a genuine hit, but is it actually any good? That's what the latest edition of the YouTube series is trying to figure out.

The trailer opens up by going over all of the various categories of shark movies cinema has to offer. There are great shark movies (Jaws), very bad shark movies (Jaws: The Revenge) and shark movies that are probably bad but are great in part because they are bad (Deep Blue Sea). It then makes the point that The Meg toes the line between being the right kind of bad or the bad kind of bad. So which one is it? That probably depends on the individual viewer's perspective.

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Whether or not the movie is actually any good, it's hard to imagine a better description of star Jason Statham than a man made up of mostly "stubble and growls." The video also manages to point out that The Meg winds up repeating its own plot twice, which is pretty miraculous when it's laid out. It's not just broad comparisons. There are very specific plot elements that are repeated throughout the movie. It also argues that perhaps an R-rating might have allowed for more entertaining carnage, as opposed to off-camera violence and a big shark banging into boats. But from the studio's perspective, it's hard to argue with results.

Despite the fact that many predicted the adaptation of Steve Alten's best-selling book series would be a huge bomb, The Meg grossed a very impressive $527 million at the global box office. Many had criticized the movie's $130 million production budget ahead of its release, but the studio will certainly wind up making a nice chunk of change from the blockbuster as it surpassed pretty much everyone's expectations. Sure, managing the budget a bit may have helped bolster that profit, but that is an awful lot of money for a giant shark movie directed by the guy who made National Treasure. In fact, The Meg is now second only to Jaws as far as shark movies go at the box office.

If Rotten Tomatoes is any indicator, more people thought the movie was just plain bad, as it currently holds a 45 percent approval rating from critics to go along with a 48 percent audience rating. But half a billion dollars is enough to encourage Warner Bros. to pursue a sequel, as it's already been announced that The Meg 2 is in early development. And since there are six books in the series, there is plenty of story to draw from. Be sure to check out The Meg edition of Honest Trailers from the Screen Junkies YouTube channel below.