The Meg is now only a few weeks away from devouring theaters and some early reviews are heaping praise on the movie which stars Jason Statham opposite a giant 75-foot prehistoric shark. All of the promotional material for the film has been excellent, highlighting the fun, while also terrifying vibe of the movie. The action-packed story is based off of Steve Alten's 1997 science fiction novel Meg: A Novel of Great Terror, which is the first in a series of books.

The Meg starts off 200 miles off the coast of China, where a 75-foot Megalodon rises from the depths of the ocean to attack a research submersible. The prehistoric shark was thought to be extinct, but that's obviously not the case. Jason Statham's Jonas Taylor is brought in on the mission because he has encountered the giant beast before. From the trailers and TV spots, The Meg looks like an absolute blast, walking the tight rope between taking itself too seriously and embracing the absurdity of it all.

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Since The Meg is only a few weeks away from hitting theaters, some lucky moviegoers were able to catch some sneak previews. One early review states that "Statham vs. Supershark battle does not disappoint," which all of the reviews tend to declare as well. The review continues to say that every summer needs a movie like The Meg. Twitter user Drew Dietsch went as far as to say that it's the most enjoyable movie of the summer. He explains.

"The Meg is the most enjoyable movie of the summer. You'll scream, you'll laugh, and you'll stay the hell out of the water. Seriously, I can't sing this movie's praises enough. It's pure fun from start to finish. Everything you want out of a trip to the movies."

For those moviegoers who were wondering about the tone of The Meg, it seems that one should worry no further. With the Sharknado series being such a hit, many were wondering if the 75-foot prehistoric shark was going to sink to those levels. According to Twitter user Connor Schwerdtfeger, it never gets even close to that "stupidity." He had this to say.

"I saw The Meg at a screening last night and I can honestly say that I really enjoyed it. It's legitimately well-executed in its tension and action scenes and it 100% knows what type of movie it is without resorting to dumb Sharknado levels of stupidity. Perfect late summer film."

Overall, it looks like The Meg is carefully sidestepping any of the easy pitfalls that the trailers hint at, and replaces it with intense action scenes that weren't what you expected. In addition to the surprises and excellent action, the movie is also praised for the visual effects as well. For those looking for that late summer popcorn movie, it looks like The Meg is that movie and then some. Warner Bros. Pictures'The Meg hits theaters on August 10th and while we wait, you can check out some early reactions to the movie below. We also have four thrilling new posters from around the world celebrating The Meg.

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