A new international poster for The Meg has made its way to the surface. Warner Bros. is getting ready to unleash the highly-anticipated giant shark movie on moviegoers next month on August 10 and they have been ramping up the marketing campaign. Not only did they recently debut a couple of new TV spots, as well as a Jaws-inspired poster that puts a poor little puppy in a whole lot of danger, we now have this new action-heavy poster that has the movie's stars inches away from certain death.

The trailer for The Meg features Jason Statham and Li Bingbing underwater investigating this potential giant shark business in a couple of fancy, tiny submarines. This poster is giving us a look at the inevitable submarine/megalodon chase that is set to take place, and it looks like our heroes may be at more than a bit of a disadvantage. It's a seriously huge shark and they are in, when compared to said shark, hilariously small underwater vehicles. If it weren't for the fact that these two people are going to wind up being the heroes of the story, we'd have our money on the shark with this one.

One thing that the marketing for The Meg has made very clear is that everyone involved seems to be very aware of the kind of movie they are making. It's not quite going to be Jaws. It's not meant to be that subtle. This is a giant, ridiculous monster movie and if they can manage to nail down the tone just right, this could wind up being a very fun way to close out the summer. It's been quite a while since we had a genuinely great shark movie. Not to get anyone's hopes up, but could this be the one we've all been waiting for?

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In The Meg, after an undersea observation facility is attacked by a massive creature, previously thought to be extinct, the facility becomes disabled at the bottom of the deepest trench in the Pacific. The crew is trapped inside and time running out. Enter Jonas Taylor (Jason Statham), who is recruited by oceanographer (Winston Chao) to save the crew first, then the entire ocean, from this unstoppable, pre-historic 75-foot-long shark known as the Megalodon. This is a threat that Taylor had faced years before and he must face his fears in order to save the world from this massive beast. In other words, Statham v. Megalodon.

The cast also includes Rainn Wilson, Ruby Rose, Winston Chao, Page Kennedy, Jessica McNamee, Olafur Darri Olafsson, Robert Taylor, Sophia Shuya Cai, and Masi Oka. The Meg is directed by Jon Turteltaub, best known for his work on National Treasure. The movie is based on the book by author Steve Alten. Warner Bros. is bringing the movie to San Diego Comic-Con next weekend, so expect to see a new trailer very soon. In the meantime, check out the new poster for yourself below.

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Ryan Scott