Now that The CW revealed that their upcoming series The Messengers will debut on Friday, April 10 at 9 PM ET, the network has released a new extended trailer that clocks in at just under four minutes. When a mysterious object plummets to Earth, the blinding explosion it causes sends out a shock wave that instantly connects five strangers who awaken after the pulse with extraordinary gifts they can barely believe. Most mysterious of all is a figure known only as The Man, who brings death and suffering wherever he appears. The wheels of Revelation have begun to turn, and these five newly christened Angels of the Apocalypse may be the only hope for preventing the impending Rapture.

The Messengers stars Shantel VanSanten (Gang Related, One Tree Hill), Jon Fletcher (City of Dreams), Sofia Black-D'Elia (Betrayal, Gossip Girl), J.D. Pardo (Revolution), Joel Courtney (Super 8), Anna Diop (Everybody Hates Chris), Craig Frank (Mixology) and Diogo Morgado (Son of God, Sol de invierno).

The Messengers is produced by CBS Television Studios and Warner Bros. Entertainment, in association with Thunder Road Pictures with executive producers Trey Callaway (Revolution, CSI: NY), Basil Iwanyk (The Town, The Expendables film franchise, Clash of the Titans film franchise) and co-executive producers Eoghan O'Donnell (Teen Wolf), Kent Kubena (the upcoming Gods of Egypt, Turistas) and Ava Jamshidi. Take a look at the trailer below, and stay tuned for more footage as we get closer to the April 10 premiere date.