Former child star Shaun Weiss, best known for his role as the goalie in The Mighty Ducks, has a free trip to rehab waiting for him as soon as he is released from jail. Late last month, Shaun Weiss was arrested and imprisoned on burglary and methamphetamine charges, and the story made headlines after his unrecognizable mugshot went viral. While the image led to widespread mockery when the news was shared on social media, it likewise brought about lots of support for Weiss from fans of the '90s star disheartened to see just how much he's fallen from grace.

One such person wanting to see Weiss improve his life is Lindsay Lohan's father, Michael, who might know a thing or two about seeing the life of a former child star deteriorating. After Michael reached out to a friend at the Ascend Detox and Recovery center in southeast Texas, the facility's CEO was all too happy to assist Weiss, offering The Mighty Ducks star an invitation to the hospital's rehab program. Additionally, the program will be tailored specifically to Weiss and his personal problems, and better yet, it will be completely free for him with no out of pocket expenses.

Fans of the Mighty Ducks actor have also created a petition on GoFundMe with the goal of providing financial assistance to Shaun Weiss to help pull him out of the dark hole he's found himself in. Started by Weiss' personal friend Drew Gallagher, the campaign has set a goal of $25,000 with over $7300 raised at the time of this writing. "For the last 3 years I've been doing all I can to help Shaun. His loss of his parents sent him into a depression and so he turned to drugs," Gallagher explains on the GoFundMe page, also revealing Weiss now lives on the streets "where he is beaten up and has any belongings stolen."

Weiss first began his acting career as a small child in the '80s, appearing on shows like Pee-wee's Playhouse and The Cosby Show. His breakout role came in the 1992 family sports movie The Mighty Ducks as goalie Greg Goldberg, a role which he would reprise in the 1994 and 1996 sequels. He has continued to act in film and television in subsequent years, his struggles with substance abuse have led to lots of legal drama over the past several years. This includes previous methamphetamine charges as well as a public intoxication charge, and in 2018, Weiss claimed he was checking into long-term rehab. It's not clear if he actually made it into a facility or completed any rehab programs at the time.

Of course, it will ultimately be up to Weiss himself to accept the help that is being offered to him upon his release from jail, and there is no court order requiring his attendance. Perhaps he will be impressed with the outpouring of support from strangers all across the internet and social media wanting to see him turn his life around. In any case, hopefully Weiss finally gets the help he so clearly needs. This news comes to us from TMZ.