Minority Report: The hype machine for this blockbuster rolls on! Today, Cinema Confidential has a report and full transcript from a small radio and print news conference that Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg took part in a few weeks ago. Its very interesting and gives us a good look at the working relationship the two have.

CLICK HERE for the full report!

While we're on the subject of Spielberg and Cruise I want to mention two more little bits.

First, Harry Knowles over at Aint It Cool has posted a very interesting piece about what Tom, Steven, and Frank Darabont might be cooking up next.

And secondly Steven Spielberg has officially confirmed that Sean Connery will indeed be in the fourth Indiana Jones film.

CLICK HERE to read the whole story!

Spy Kids 2:Aint It Cool popped up this morning with a brand spanking new poster for Spy Kids 2. Check it out !

CLICK HERE and see a beautiful poster

Cameron Crowe: Over at TheUncool.net the man behind Vanilla Sky, and Fastimes at Ridgemont High has given a huge interview. The piece covers all his big films and even his early career at Rolling Stone. Click this to check it out!

Reign of Fire: The director of this film spills the beans about how it came about and how much he would like to direct a second X-Files movie!

CLICK HERE and head to Cinescape to read all about it!

Until next time...~Bobby