You wanted Monster Squad info? We got Monster Squad info!

In a story from Fangoria, here are the most complete specs we could find for the highly anticipated The Monster Squad DVD! Lionsgate will release this DVD July 24.

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The Monster Squad:

DVD Features:*

- Audio commentary by Fred Dekker and actors Andre Gower, Ryan Lambert and Ashley Bank

- Audio commentary by Fred Dekker and director of photography Bradford May

- Monster Squad Forever!-a five-part retrospective featuring new interviews with Dekker, actors Gower, Lambert, Bank, Duncan Regehr, Tom Noonan and more!

- A Conversation with Frankenstein-a never-before-seen classic interview with the Monster himself (Tom Noonan in makeup)

- Deleted scenes

- Original theatrical trailer

- TV spot

- Still gallery

Technical Specs:**

- Aspect Ratio: 2.35:1 Widescreen

- Audio: Dolby Digital 5.1 and Original Dolby Stereo

* - DVD Features Subject to Change

** - Technical Specs Subject to Change

The Monster Squad DVD will sell for $19.98.

Also, Fangoria recently chatted Michael Felsher, who supervised bringing The Monster Squad to DVD. They talked with him about a new edition of Hellraiser that will be coming to DVD stores later this year.

"I'm sure they're planning to release it this year for the film's 20th anniversary, but as far as release plans and what else will be on the disc, that's up to them to talk about," stated Felsher. He "was contracted for on-camera chats with stars Andrew Robinson and Ashley Laurence and composer Christopher Young."

Felsher went on to say, "With the exception of an interview he did on the set 20 years ago, Robinson has never spoken on camera about Hellraiser before, and he was great. He had a lot of really interesting stories to tell about both Hellraiser and his career, and he was quite wonderful to talk to."

In closing Felsher said that, "Ashley actually talked more about her career after Hellraiser, and she was very sweet; you'll see a new side to her. And Christopher Young was terrific, because he went into depth about that film and what it meant to his career, and the other genre work he's done. That score is one of the most memorable of any horror film in the past few decades, and just to be able to talk to him about that was amazing. He's done everything from The Dorm That Dripped Blood to Spider-Man 3, and I'm hoping we'll be able to include some of that in the featurette."