Here we are again. But today is somehow different. Today is the famously "lucky" Friday the 13th. Now typically, this means luck to me, but this time around mostly everything that could go wrong, has. And I don't like it one bit. One thing, however, has been going quite well. This MovieGuru Column. Who figured? So you better stay tuned for the next little while because not only will The MovieGuru be bringing you exclusive interviews, and delightfully thought provoking columns, but you'll also be getting a panel of resident film experts that will cause your jaws to drop, on multiple occasions may I add.

But what makes this brand new column REALLY interesting is your questions. If you'd like for me (and our panel) to be insightful, funny, brilliant, or sarcastic, your questions have to be on par with such desires. We welcome questions about filmmaking, upcoming films, film history, DVDs, and 5-Step programs towards taking over the world, one film at a time. So keep using these remaining brain cells, and keep sending your questions to [email protected] Then, check back every Friday (by noon) for a new column.

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And now, for our feature presentation