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You must be asking yourself, why are we so fortunate as to hear from the Movie Guru three (3, count them) times this week? But if you must know, it’s all in honor of the legendary duck, err, movie star, Donald Duck.

MOVIE GURU LOUNGE, MOVIEWEBLAND - The celebrated Donald turned 70 yesterday, marking the day of both his birth and acting debut on June 9, 1934 in a Silly Symphony movie called “The Wise Little Hen.” A star from the start, the duck specialized in unlucky turns and grumpy behavior. This unique style of comedy was the trademark for Donald and was often imitated thereafter.

Despite fierce competition throughout the years, to many Donald remained a favorite over competitors such as Mickey Mouse and most certainly Goofy. The strange sense of charisma and less-than-perfect personality resonated with viewers worldwide. Even in roles as the very wealthy uncle Scrooge McDuck, Donald maintained his humility.

When he isn’t working, Donald is busy swimming in his infamous money pool, attending Mensa lectures and is currently hard at work on his autobiography: “The Duck in Me: The True Story of a Simple Duck.” According to recent rumors, the Duck is currently in negotiations for a six-figure movie deal. If the deal goes through, Donald will become the wealthiest Duck in movie history.

Donald Duck currently lives with his wife Daisy and splits his time between mansions located in Disneyland in Anaheim and Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. For his 25th wedding anniversary he is scheduled a romantic getaway to Disneyland Paris. His representatives ask the media to respect their privacy on that special day.

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