MoviePass Inc. announced today it will enable film enthusiasts across the country the ability to attend unlimited movies for a fixed monthly fee to encourage greater attendance at theaters. Users will be able to subscribe to the monthly service at

The MoviePass service will be available nationwide as an invitation only Limited Private Beta. Charter subscribers will be able to extend invitations to friends and family.

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MoviePass will be using Hollywood Movie Money's system to access the 36,000-plus screens in their theater network. After making their movie selection, MoviePass subscribers will print out Hollywood Movie Money vouchers to take to the theater. A full mobile version of the MoviePass service is in the works for early 2012 deployment.

"Because MoviePass will be paying theaters the full price of admission using the Hollywood Movie Money system, the theater industry benefits as well as the fans," said Ron Randolph-Wall, CEO of Quantum Rewards, operators of Hollywood Movie Money. "With theater attendance down we believe that any opportunity to drive movie goers back to theaters benefits exhibitors, studios, and the creative community alike."

Stacy Spikes, co-founder, MoviePass said, "Great movies are meant to be seen on the big screen and we are passionate about delivering a innovative service that will give fans more reasons to go to the movies."

Hamet Watt, co-founder added, "Fan response to the MoviePass concept has been incredibly strong so we know there is pent-up demand for unlimited access to the movies."

MoviePass members will have the opportunity for exclusive access to advance industry screenings, premieres, events, promotions, set location visits, prizes and perks that are usually reserved for Hollywood elite.

MoviePass will be testing a Zone pricing model based on the average ticket price in a members market.