Movie PictureLights Out is back online! After a few days of NO MOVIES, we have finally worked everything out with UGO. For the rest of the week things might be a little buggy with the downloads but just hang in there! Everything should be running really smooth by the weekend! Shoot me an {0} if you come across something I don't know about.Next week! We will have some new stuff here at Lights Out starting with a brand new features section! We will be listing all current and future fetaures, viewer submitted films, top secret file cards and more! By next week we should also have multiple bandwidth versions of every Lights Out film up! What this means is that you people that haven't been able to see a particular film because of file size will be able to finally experience the magic! We will be running low band, mid band, hi bandwidth version of EVERY flick! We have such sights to show you....

You have to check out the Hollywood Trailers that are up! We just added 13 new trailers for films coming to theaters including a really bitchin new A.I.

trailer! Take a look!

Stay tuned for some more crap that you can only find at Lights Out...~Brian