The movies are currently out of commission while we change affiliates. If you couldn't tell already, Bla-Bla has merged with UGO hopefully making this a longer lasting situation. Anyways, the movies should be back up by the end of tomorrow.

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In the meantime check out this week's javascript:void(0|Mushy's Movie Minute! It's a real gem.

Listen to Mushy as he rants and raves about Angel Eyes and The Mummy Returns! Then let him know that he's doing a superb job!

So I was cruising some different sites yesterday when I ended up at good old iFILM. What did my eyes see on the front page? Well, it was a screen grab from Lights Out's special feature Tom Green & Drew Barrymore Hate Me. I thought, "Wow, this could do some good things for us!" Am I right? Nope.

After getting redirected to the correct page where the video clip was featured I found that iFILM was serving the video on their site and NO CREDIT had been given & there was no mention of where the clip came from! THOSE BASTARDS STOLE FROM US!

I called my flamboyant partner Brock immediately about the situation. After talks of burning down the iFILM offices we came to the solution that I should write a letter. So I did.

The letter spit out a bunch of hoopla about Lights Out, copyrights, and entertainment lawyers. It was sent off. This morning I get a call from iFILM (no clue how they got my number). They give their apologies and tell me that the situation will be fixed ASAP. Ha. That's what I thought.

Were they scared? Sounded like it. Were they scared of us and our team of entertainment lawyers, or were they scared that we would portray them in one of our highly acclaimed revenge movies? Know one will ever know. The moral of the story is: Don't [email protected]# with Lights Out or we will be swingin our independent hand of doom at your little corporate fanny if you do us wrong. Yeah. That's right. Be afraid. Be very afraid. iFILM...we still love you, just watch your back.

Check out Tom Green & Drew Barrymore Hate Me at iFILM today. make sure you tell them Lights Out sent you!!!

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Brock, Brian, & "The Fritch" on CNET news at E3!

Almost instantly when we arrived at E3 we were asked to do an interview about the state of future gaming on CNET news! Look like they edited my interview out of the big picture because I bagged on the XBox for being a big corporate hole that buys out developers from other consoles i.e. Oddworld.

Click the picture to the left to hear what some of our worthless opinions are about the new gaming console war!

Stay Tuned for E3...~Brian