While movie fans are usually left in the dark about the on-going production of eagerly awaited films, it looks like Rob Zombie's The Munsters Movie isn't going to be one of them. The musician turned director has again been sharing new images from the very early stages of pre-production on the movie, this time producing a sneak peek at the design of Sam Dracula, better known as Grandpa Munster. While Sheri Moon Zombie recently told followers on Twitter to bide their time, when some asked when a trailer for the reboot would be released, it is fair to say that when one is ready, we will have already seen it on her husband's Instagram account.

Since officially announcing the project, Zombie has been sharing plans, images and more about the movie, which is based on the classic 1960s sitcom about the slightly strange family that were not The Addams Family. This latest update saw the director asking his followers to guess who an in-progress hair-piece could belong to. It was not like anyone was going to come back with Herman. The instantly recognisable black and grey coiffured wig is easily one of the most recognisable in TV history let alone in the The Munsters.

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Among the comments, all of which were hugely complimentary and full of the same giddy excitement for the project as Rob Zombie himself seems to be, one person did express a hope that someone is documenting the making of the movie to be released at a later date. With streaming giving many filmmakers the chance to share their behind the scenes stories, it is not unlikely that we could well get to see the creative process behind the movie at some point.

Grandpa Munster was one of the most loved family members from Mockingbird Lane, but as yet there are no cast linked to the project to know who could be playing the loveable elder of the group. Al Lewis played the role in the original series, starring alongside Fred Gwynne, Yvonne de Carlo, Beverly Owen and Butch Patrick, which took the ever popular family sitcom and filled it with a bunch of benevolent monsters. How exactly Zombie, who has recently had a hand in the Halloween franchise as well as writing and directing The House of 1000 Corpses and its sequels, will approach the Munsters' story is unknown but having being a massive fan of the series himself, it couldn't be in safer hands.

Zombie has been wanting to make a reboot of The Munsters for over two decades, but he isn't the first to try and being the family to a new generation. The 1980s saw the group revived for The Munsters Today, which has so far been the longest running series featuring Herman Munster and Co, while Hannibal's Bryan Fuller was brought in by NBC in 2012 to direct Mockingbird Lane, but after a lacklustre response to the pilot episode, they ultimately decided not to order a full series. With Zombie now well underway to bring his version of The Munsters to screen, it is well worth keeping an eye his social media for more teasers as production continues.