One of the most intriguing pilots currently in development is NBC's reboot The Munsters, from Pushing Daisies creator Bryan Fuller. It seems the title itself is getting a reboot, with the project now being titled Mockingbird Lane.

The new title represents the street this family of creatures moves into, and it also signifies that this new series will be much different than the original version of The Munsters, which aired from 1964 to 1966. The pilot is currently in the casting stage, and it isn't known when production may begin.

Bryan Singer is directing the pilot from Bryan Fuller's script, which was described in December as "Parenthood told by Anne Rice." That report also revealed the show will center on Eddie Munster's character, the young werewolf son of Herman and Lily Munster. The family moves to their Mockingbird Lane abode after Eddie attacks several children while in his werewolf form, during a visit to summer camp.