The Muppets, which made over $160 million worldwide last November, brought some of Jim Henson's most popular characters back into the spotlight after a long hiatus from theater screens, and it was a big enough hit that Walt Disney Pictures wants a sequel.

In fact, they want a sequel as soon as the summer of 2013, but writer Nick Stoller, who wrote the original with Jason Segel, doesn't think that's a possibility for The Muppets 2.

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"They want to do it. They want it as soon as possible, which is good. I'm not sure exactly when they want to release it. I think it was something like next summer. I don't think that's realistic in terms of getting it all together in time. But to want to do it so quickly is great. It certainly makes us want to write it quickly. I'm writing with James Bobin. We've outlined it over the past couple weeks and we literally started writing it yesterday. The first 13 pages are written. It is started. It is on."

Collider spoke with Nick Stoller about the plot, and revealed that star Jason Segel, who says he doesn't want to be a part of this sequel, may in fact have a cameo that leads into the follow-up story, which will be taking a page from the original 1981 sequel The Great Muppet Caper.

"There's a cameo possibility in it, definitely. Gary and Mary's story is concluded. There's not much to say after that for their story, but we follow them up into a...I will say, it is a caper. It is a comedy caper. It's similar to the first one. [It] had dramatic connections to the first Muppet movie, but it was a whole new thing, hopefully. This is the same thing. We love The Great Muppet Caper. So this has some elements of that, but it's different because it's in the tone of what [we] like to do."

Nick Stoller also revealed that there will be new Muppet characters introduced in this sequel. To watch the interview: CLICK HERE