The Muppets... Again!'s producer David Hoberman was recently interviewed and revealed some new details about James Bobin's upcoming comedy sequel.

Here he discusses where the film will culminate.

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"I think there are so many surprises and different, fun stories going on in this one, We go to a lot of different places. We just happen to end up in London. That's where the caper culminates."

He goes on to talk about songwriter Bret McKenzie and his contribution to the film.

"Bret McKenzie wrote all these songs for this new movie and they are so different and cover such a wide range of genres. I think we've got a couple of spectacular musical numbers in this one and I think it runs the gamut of ballad and comedy songs. Probably one homage to contemporary rock. I think we have five songs in this and they're all original, so I'm hopeful. Music is so ingrained in the Muppet culture and history, and it's part of the fun of doing it, frankly."

Principal photography commenced in January at Pinewood Studios in London.