Leave it to rumors, but Paul Rudd is not reteaming with his I Love You, Man co-star Jason Segel to voice an iPhone-obsessed puppet roommate in the new Muppets movie, according to MTV:

"I wish that I was [in it]. It's all rumor," Paul Rudd said. "I wanted to be in it, and I talked to Jason, but I think there was some things that happened and I don't know if I'm gonna get to do it." RELATED: Muppets Haunted Mansion Teaser Announces New Halloween Special Coming to Disney+ This Fall

"It blows actually," he laughed. "It really sucks." But don't write the actor off from future "Muppets" movies just yet. "I'm hoping for the 'Muppet Movie 2.' I'm playing Charles Grodin in 'Muppet 2: Electric Waterloo?' Beaker-loo?" he joked. "Muppet Movie 2: The Muppets Are Still Taking Manhattan."