Walt Disney Pictures has released a new promo photo for The Muppets, featuring Jason Segel going over a script with co-stars Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy.

Jason Segel with Miss Piggy in The MuppetsWe continued speaking with {99} and asked the writer if it was hard getting in all of the beloved characters, including the lesser known ones, and giving them enough to do in the film. Yeah. There is kind of that core. It includes those characters like Swedish Chef. I love the rat, so we had to put Rizzo the rat in there. {100} had some...He knows more...I would say I love The Muppets and know a lot about The Muppets. {101} is like a fanatic. But then {102} knows more about The Muppets, putting aside the Muppet Performers. So he had some obscure Muppets in there. This Muppet named Uncle Deadly is in it, and then Crazy Harry. There are a few Muppets like that that I remembered, but he was like, we've got to have Crazy Harry. So yeah, he kind of really knows it. I think probably the hardest to write for is Rowlf, because he's kind of just cool. He's never going for a joke, really. He's like jazz. How do you write jazz? Speaking of jazz, we followed up by asking him if Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem will be prominently seen in the movie. They are. They are heavily involved, answered {103}.