Walt Disney Studios will continue its tradition of turning theme park rides into big screen franchises with The Museum of the Weird, a new project being written by Ahmet Zappa. Only this time, The Museum of the Weird is actually an attraction that never got off the ground.

Walt Disney fell in love with the idea of The Museum of the Weird back in the 1960s. According to The Los Angeles Times, It was an idea conjured up by longtime Disneyland imagineers Rolly Crump and Claude Coats which promised to showcase ghostly organists, magical carts, talking chairs and other surreal and odd exhibits. It was originally meant to sit adjacent to The Haunted Mansion, complete with its own restaurant. The Museum of the Weird never quite got off the ground, but some of the artifacts created for the attraction eventual wound up inside The Haunted Mansion.

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Ahmet Zappa will take the ideas created by Rolly Crump and Claude Coats and fashion them into a story along the lines of Night at the Museum. An actual attraction will also be built inside Disneyland once the movie is completed.

The Museum of the Weird is in the very early stages of production, and probably won't see theater screens until sometime in 2014 or 2015.