I told you that it was coming...

Movie PictureLights Out Entertainment is proud to present EVERYTHING Mushy! That's right people, Mushy has had a bit of a makeover, and tons of new Mushy things have arrived as well! Let me show you...

First off, check out javascript:void(0|Mushy's Movie Minute! We've completely rehauled the look, giving Mushy a more "I go to the movies A LOT..." type of feel! I think you'll enjoy it! In addition to the javascript:void(0|Mushy's Movie Minute revamp, we've added a new feature for those of you out there that are still dialing-up. It's Mushy's Movie Minute delivered via MP3! So, if you have trouble viewing Mushy every Monday, now you can just LISTEN to him instead! The download is VERY small. So don't be scared 56k-ers...get Mushy into your lives today!

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Secondly, I'd like to announce the Name The New Mushy Show Contest! What's it all about you ask? Well, Mushy has a new show starting next month here at Lights Out, but the show does NOT have a name! Mushy is calling on YOU to give this new show a name! There are prizes to be won, and bragging right to be had! The contest ends January 31st so get your entrees in NOW! CLICK HERE FOR ALL THE GLORIOUS DETAILS! DO NOT MISS OUT ON THIS!

Now, whether you love or you hate Lights Out's official movie critic, one thing is for sure...people are watching javascript:void(0|Mushy. javascript:void(0|Mushy is almost at his 1 year anniversary here at Lights Out! In honor of his past year full of insightful reviews Mushy gives you...THE MUSHY TOP 10 OF 2001! See what made Mushy laugh, cry, and fear this past year! Click here for the TOP 10 OF 2001! Oh yes...we've archived his last year of reviews as well...check on those suckers here.

In other Lights Out news...we have updated our Hollywood Trailers section with the latest tinsel town mostrosities, as well as archived everything for 2001! If you're looking for a particular clip that you can't find in the trailers section, it's probably a 2001 thing...just make sure to check the archive!

Tons of Hollywood Movie news today...

  • No more *NSYNC in Star Wars Episode II! According to some early morning reports today, the boy band's scenes were cut from the movie. While rumors ran wild, no one was really sure if this was truth or a farse...that is, until this came in! That's right! Hear Joey Fatone of *NSYNC tell The Carson Radio Show himself that they didn't make the cut, and the reason being because "people made a big deal about it"! Click HEAR!
  • Brotherhood Of The Wolf hits theaters in L.A. and New York tomorrow! Don't miss out on what will be one of 2002's greatest flicks! Also, take a look at the Brotherhood Of The Wolf game on 13th Street as well as the Behind The Scenes Documentary!
  • See any cool tidbits in Lord Of The Rings? Yeah? Well, so did other people, and IGN's Filmforce has compiled a cool little database of things you should look for next time you see it.
  • Speaking of Lord Of The Rings, Ain't It Cool just posted some pictures from the next film in the series, The Two Towers! Check them out!
  • Watch a clip from Kung Pow: Enter The Fist.
  • Look at some stills from E.T. at 20 here.
  • Look at stills from Collateral Damagehere.
  • See the poster for the new Sandra Bullock thriller, Murder By Numbers, here.

That's it! Enter the contest and stay tuned...~Brian