At long last, (assuming nothing else unexpectedly goes wrong) The New Mutants will finally be hitting theaters in April. This notoriously troubled Marvel project has essentially been sitting on a shelf and collecting dust for the better part of two years. Now that the dust has settled from the Disney/Fox merger, it's finally making its way out into the world, and Anya Taylor-Joy is quite excited about it.

I recently had the chance to speak with Anya Taylor-Joy in honor of her new movie Emma, which opens in select theaters this weekend. The 23-year-old actress plays Illyana Rasputin, aka Magik who, in the pages of Marvel Comics, is the sister of Colossus and is a powerful magic-user. During the course of our chat, I asked her about The New Mutants and what it's like, after all of this time, to finally have it coming out. Here's what she had to say about it.

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"It's exciting! It's been three years. That's a long time. But Josh [Boone] our director, is really happy with the cut of the movie that he's showing. It's very much his film, and I mean, we can only be proud of that. I just love that character. She's bonkers in the best possible way, and I had so much fun playing her every single day. I hope people love her as much as I do. She's a character. She's feisty, but she's really good fun."

Josh Boone was coming hot off of the success of The Fault in Our Stars. The idea seemed to be, take the guy who just made a very successful young adult movie, put him in the world of the X-Men and let him craft a story centered around young adult mutants, with a horror twist. Believe it or not, a trailer originally dropped for this way back in October 2017, back when it was supposed to hit theaters in April 2018. A lot has changed since then. Disney decided it was worth a theatrical release, after much uncertainty. Though there were persistent rumors it might be dumped straight to Hulu.

The New Mutants will be the last Marvel movie ever to hit theaters produced by Fox before the merger. The movie centers on a group of young mutants just discovering their powers who are locked together in a mysterious facility. The cast also includes Maisie Williams, Charlie Heaton, Blu Hunt, Alice Braga and Henry Zaga.

There have been some rumors that the movie has been completely disconnected from the previous X-Men movies, which means it could end up being retconned into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Does that mean we'll see Anya Taylor-Joy back as Magik in the future? It's certainly premature to have that conversation, as much of that will depend on how the movie does critically and at the box office, amongst other things. The New Mutants is set to hit theaters on April 3 from 20th Century Studios. Emma, meanwhile}, is in select theaters now.