[email protected] delivered the first clip from The New Mutants. Marvel fans have been waiting for what seems like forever to finally see the movie, and it looks like they may have to wait a little longer. Today's [email protected] panel featured writer/director Josh Boone, and cast members including Maisie Williams, Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlie Heaton, Alice Braga, Blu Hunt and Henry Zaga, and graphic artist Bill Sienkiewicz, is now available. Included in the 30-minute panel, moderated by Ira Madison III, is an exclusive look at the opening sequence of the original horror thriller.

Though the clip is only 4 minutes long, it's nice and action-packed tease for The New Mutants, which is supposed to open in theaters next month. Movie theaters have been closed since the middle of March and might not be able to open until late August, due to public health concerns. AMC, Regal, and Cinemark were all baking on Tenet and Mulan top open this summer, but they have both been pulled from their respective release schedules.

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Also available today are character Twitter emojis, fan-inspired posters and a special poster designed by Sienkiewicz, the celebrated artist who began illustrating The New Mutants graphic novels in 1984. There are also a few other poster designs, which should be able to keep fans busy for a bit longer as we continue to wait for the movie to be released in any way, shape, or form. At this point, it's been kind of a joke for Marvel fans who believe the movie has been cursed.

While The New Mutants hasn't really been cursed, it's pretty easy to see why people might think so. For now, the release date is set for August 28th, though it will be very interesting to see if it stays there. The original release date was April 13th, 2018, before being delayed to February 22nd, 2019, to avoid Deadpool 2. From there it went to August 2nd, 2019, to avoid Dark Phoenix. The movie was then delayed to April 3rd, 2020, by Disney after that studio acquired Fox. From there, it was removed from Disney's schedule in March 2020 due to current events. Now, we're still on track for August.

Twentieth Century Studios in association with Marvel Entertainment presents The New Mutants, an original horror thriller set in an isolated hospital where a group of young mutants is being held for psychiatric monitoring. When strange occurrences begin to take place, both their new mutant abilities and their friendships will be tested as they battle to try and make it out alive. Directed by Josh Boone (The Fault in our Stars) and written by Josh Boone & Knate Lee. The long-awaited movie stars Maisie Williams, Anya Taylor-Joy, Charlie Heaton, Alice Braga, Blu Hunt, and Henry Zaga. The movie is produced by Simon Kinberg, p.g.a., Karen Rosenfelt and Lauren Shuler Donner with Stan Lee and Michele Imperato Stabile serving as executive producers. You can watch the clip above, thanks to the Adorno Films YouTube channel. You can watch The New Mutants [email protected] panel below.

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