After more than a year of delays and questions surrounding The New Mutants, we have confirmation that the movie is finally going to be undergoing reshoots. This X-Men spin-off has been rather troubled, as Fox apparently wasn't happy with what director Josh Boone initially delivered. The situation has allegedly been contentious behind the scenes and has just been sitting on the shelf collecting dust. Now, we have word from producer Simon Kinberg that reshoots are indeed going to happen under Disney's watch.

Disney completed their merger with Fox in March. Now, all of Fox's movies are effectively theirs to handle. The New Mutants isn't going to feature any of the core mutants we're familiar with. Instead, it's going to center on a new group of young characters who are being held in a strange facility against their will. The idea was for this movie to have more of a horror-themed tone. Originally, we heard the reshoots were going to double down on the horror. While it's unclear if that's what Disney wants to do now that it's under their umbrella, Simon Kinberg has revealed in a new interview what the plan is. Here's what he had to say about it.

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"What's happening is we're gonna do reshoots this year on that film and it has a new release date from Disney. That's really it. Part of it was figuring out what the reshoots were gonna be, the pick-ups, and the other part of it was getting that cast back together. For all of these movies, Marvel's really brilliant at scheduling pick-ups into their budget and schedule so it's all prepared, and we have never been that smart. For us, we're always scrambling to get these actors back together so they're all in the same place at the same time."

Maisie Williams of Game of Thrones fame, as well as rising scream queen Anya Taylor-Joy are amongst those in the cast. Getting their schedules to line up could prove to be challenging. Simon Kinberg, who has served as a longtime writer and producer of the X-Men movies, and also serves as director of the upcoming Dark Phoenix, speaking furthers, alluded to those scheduling challenges.

"It would seem simple on The New Mutants because they maybe not as big movie stars as the main X-Men movies, but all of them are on TV shows, so we've got to wait until they get off their shows and they can all be in the same place at the same time. So that will be some time this year, we'll do our pick-ups and the movie will come out."

There was some question as to whether or not this movie would ever see the light of day. Rumors persisted that they may just dump it to a streaming service like Hulu. The real question now is, what will Disney add with these reshoots? Honestly, we may never know, since the original version will likely never see the light of day. The New Mutants is currently set to hit theaters on April 3, 2020. This news was previously reported by Digital Spy.