Hey kids! Despite 100% guaranteed eminent danger against us silly Americans, things around Hollywood are starting to get back to the normal rumoring and gossiping that it is so good at inducing. To start, Movies.com rumors of Beyoncé Knowles of Destiny's Child becoming the next 'Powers girl in Austin Powers 3: Goldmember (being released July 26th). Reports of Pierce Brosnan spoofing 007 (more so than usual) are out, which questions the other rumors about Tom Cruise spoofing Mission Impossible's Ethan Hunt, which is very much like Pierce Brosnan's 007 which is being spoofed. Like, oh my gawd.

Movie PictureHarry over at {2} has posted a story on the current events over at Disneyland! Namely the changed around Haunted House, now redecorated to reflect {3}! Brian & Brock checked the ride out first hand, took some snapshots, and sent them to Ain't It Cool! {4}!Gonna be in the L.A. area in a couple weeks? {5} sent out a newsletter preparing people for a possible casting call for extras in the upcoming {6} movie. Many months ago, I along with the Lights Out team (oddly before I was given the quirky job of writing news for this site) went to run around like crazy soccer moms at a shoe sale in the background as Spiderman did his thing. It was really cool. Keep checking back for more info on this once-or-twice in a lifetime kind of event. And don't forget to further your acting career by performing in the soon to be Academy Award Winning {7}.

Movie PictureTremors 3 is out and campier than ever. For all those fans of satirical monster movies involving killer worms, the Tremors website has everything a Graboid fan could ever want, from interviews to trivia. Check it out! And don't forget the Tremors production company site, complete with audio commentary on the monster making process!Adding to Schwarzenegger's not-to-distant-comeback is one of the movies that got him here in the first place. Check out some miscellaneous details of the script for Conan: Crown of Iron. The Wachowski's (The Matrix) will produce...

Takeback is in the mail...~Steve