Netflix U.K. claims that they were given the altered version of The Notebook and mistakenly uploaded it. Viewers watching the classic romance movie in the U.K. were shocked to see that the ending had been edited, taking out the poetic death scene and instead flashing to birds flying over the lake. After realizing what had happened, viewers expressed their anger on social media, which even caught the attention of author Nicholas Sparks, who revealed that he preferred the original ending during a recent interview.

After The Notebook controversy started to spread online, Netflix released a statement. It appears that they were given the altered version of the movie and were not aware that it was edited. Fans in North America are about to have access to the movie on the streaming platform and are wondering what version of the movie they will see. You can read Netflix's statement below.

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"Things you should know... we did not edit the notebook, an alternate version exists and was supplied to us, we are getting to the bottom of it asap, (and) apparently some films have more than one ending?!"

As for which version of The Notebook will stream on Netflix in North America, it will be the original, unedited cut. Netflix U.K. has already fixed the problem on their end, so viewers in North America won't have to freak out when the movie starts streaming this Friday. Some people were under the impression that Netflix had altered the movie on their own since they acquired the licensing for The Notebook. However, the streaming platform claims that they had nothing to do with the edited cut.

The ending of Nicholas Sparks' book, which The Notebook is an adaptation of, does not contain the death at the end. When asked about the different edits that appeared on Netflix, the author noted that people would definitely have an opinion about the situation and he was right about that. Users on social media were quick to point out the mistake. Over the years, the romance movie has become a classic and Sparks likes the way that they chose to end it even though it changed from what he had originally written. It's strange that the alternate end was actually closer to the book.

The Notebook launched the careers of Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling back in 2004. People still talk about their troubled relationship from the movie and the emotional death scene at the end. So, it's understandable why some viewers were pretty distraught over the change after seeing the same ending for the last 15 years. Netflix is currently looking into how the mix up happened in the first place, so hopefully they'll keep us all posted as to their findings. You can read the statement in regard to The Notebook edited ending below, thanks to the Netflix Twitter account.