There's a new champion when it comes to The Conjuring universe. The Nun, which has been steadily racking in the dough ever since it was released in theaters early last month, is now officially the highest-grossing entry in the very successful horror franchise. This, despite the fact that the movie has been met with generally mixed-to-negative reviews. If nothing else, this proves that the interconnected horror universe is more or less bulletproof. At least for now.

With the money brought in over the weekend, The Nun now stands at $329.2 million worldwide. That puts it above the global gross of The Conjuring 2, which made $320.4 million during its theatrical run in 2016. That was just barely more than what The Conjuring, the movie that started this whole franchise off, grossed when it was released in 2013, bringing in $319.5 million worldwide. But The Nun has proved that timing and an appetite for horror this time of year can overcome bad reviews in order to achieve major box office success.

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For context, The Nun currently holds a 27 percent critic score on Rotten Tomatoes, to go with a 43 percent audience rating. In terms of critical percentage, that's the lowest in the history of the franchise, just below the first Annabelle, which currently sits at 29 percent. Though, that movie holds an even lower 36 percent audience rating. The first Annabelle is also the lowest-grossing (though still a huge hit), with $257 million at the worldwide box office. On the other end of the spectrum sits The Conjuring, which holds an 86 percent approval rating from critics and an 82 percent audience score.

James Wan directed the first movie and the sequel, which is the second-best, critically speaking with a 79 percent rating. While Rotten Tomatoes isn't the be-all, end-all, it is a relatively useful, general indicator for how audiences and critics feel about a movie. And it's quite telling that The Nun managed to do this well for itself despite the reaction. It speaks more to the power that this brand carries with it now. All told, the five movies released so far in the franchise have grossed $1.53 billion worldwide. Considering that, if you add up all of the production budgets, the movies cost just over $100 million to make, that's pretty impressive.

Last year's Annabelle: Creation was a major rebound from its predecessor in terms of quality and that probably helped give audiences confidence in The Nun. But will the lackluster reception hurt upcoming entries? That remains to be seen. Annabelle 3, which serves as The Nun and IT screenwriter Gary Dauberman's directorial debut, is gearing up for production next and will likely hit theaters next year. There are also still plans for The Conjuring 3 and a spin-off centered on The Crooked Man. In any case, it appears as though there is still a lot of juice left to squeeze here. These numbers were provided by Box Office Mojo.