What's been happening around the world in relation to the coronavirus has a lot of people terrified, but imagining how the employees of the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company would be handling the situation brings about a small moment of levity to the horrifying situation. Lately on Twitter, many fans of The Office have been doing just that, using memes and tweets to script new dialogue for Michael Scott and his staff depicting how they would react to the coronavirus spread. For many of these, it's not hard at all to really imagine these characters behaving this way, and it's almost like watching a new episode of The Office.

One recent meme comes from Aaron Bailey on Twitter, who's spoofed a memorable scene from the series to make it coronavirus-related. In the scene, Michael echoes many of the coronavirus doubters we've all seen posting on social media by suggesting there's nothing to worry about. "Well you know what Oscar? I don't see anyone with symptoms do you?" Michael snaps when he's informed about 7,000 new confirmed cases reported in the United States. "Didn't I hear you cough this morning, Michael?" Jim then asks, leaving the Dunder Mifflin manager in silence. He then tells the cameraperson: "I didn't hear him cough. But does he know that?"

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Meanwhile, Daniel Burnell has also imagined his own sequence of events for an episode of The Office tackling the coronavirus, which goes like this: "Michael ignores the 'work from home' memo because he thinks that everyone should be together at a time like this. Dwight acts completely normal & claims genetic immunity. Angela wears a hazmat suit. Kevin says that he's had it for weeks & feels fine. Creed is somehow Patient Zero. Stanley is on a beach with a margarita as a video conference begins. Andy looked at WebMD & is now losing his mind. The episode ends with Michael shopping alone at Costco on a Saturday. He's excited because he usually 'can't even get in the door.'"

Another humorous take on the subject is from a tweet by Michael Nocella. In this version, Dwight seems eager to see who "finally has the strongest immune system," reminding Phyllis and Stanley to update their wills. When Toby tries to correct Michael a moment later, Michael refers to him as "the coronavirus personified," telling him, "you probably gave us all coronavirus." Kevin and Angela then begin picking on Oscar when he recommends everyone wash their hands, in a manner very similar to how they treat him on the series. You can look at the tweet below.

Many other fans of The Office have been adding to the "episodes" with their own bits of dialogue from the Dunder Mifflin employees. What's been made clear is that perhaps it's for the best Michael Scott has long since moved on from heading the Scranton branch at Dunder Mifflin, as they would not have done well under his guidance at a time of crisis. You also see what many other people are saying about the show's fictional coronavirus episode over on Reddit.