The Office is no longer streaming on Netflix, but for what it's worth, NBC has gifted fans with a new never-before-seen cold open that's free to watch online. In the axed segment, Jim carries out one last big prank on his longtime workplace nemesis Dwight by convincing him that he's in the Matrix. The scene was intended to be used in the show's final season, and while it's very entertaining, it was most likely cut for time. Late is better than never, of course, so if you want to see something new from The Office, you can now watch the scene in the YouTube video below.

In a scene spanning about five minutes, Dwight can be seen working in his office when he notices a black cat and the same warehouse worker both passing by his doorway twice. It's all part of a ruse orchestrated by Jim and Pam to trick Dwight into believing he's seeing a "glitch in the system," proving that The Matrix was real. In actuality, Pam had trained the cat and the pair enlisted Glenn and his twin brother to help out with the prank.

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It gets better, as the security guard Hank (Hugh Dane) also gets in on the joke. He suits up as "Dorpheus," the twin brother of Morpheus, and organizes a meeting with Dwight to further the ruse. As was the case in the movie, Dwight is presented with a red pill and a blue pill along with a choice to make. While Dwight has seemingly fallen for the trick, he ultimately chooses to take the blue pill instead - much to the surprise of Hank, Jim, and Pam.

"The timing is terrible right now," Dwight says, explaining that he's too happy to leave the life he's living. "They just promoted me to manager, plus I own this building, I run a very substantial farm, and I'm getting married soon to a woman I love... No one hates machines more than me, but, I'm happy. I'm truly happy."

For her part, Pam finds the results of the prank heartwarming, but Jim seems to be a little more irritated.

"Are you kidding me? I hired 30 people!" he exclaims. The video also includes a message in loving memory of Dane, who passed away in 2018.

This clip is just a preview of what's to come on Peacock for fans of The Office. When the series made the switch from Netflix to Peacock at the start of the year, it brought along extended "Superfan" cuts of every episode from season 3. More Superfan episodes will be rolled out in the future, giving viewers longer episodes than they remember seeing on television and on Netflix. Along with the inclusion of deleted scenes featured on the home video releases, the longer cuts will also include never-before-seen footage that fans can watch for the very first time.

For more of The Office, you'll have to head on over to Peacock to check out the show. The first two seasons are streaming for free for anyone to watch, though watching the rest of the series will mean subscribing to one of the streamer's premium subscriptions. The clip of the Matrix-style cold open comes to us from The Office on YouTube.