Richard L. Bare directed every single episode of CBS' 1960s sitcom Green Acres. According to The Hollywood Reporter, he has just acquired the rights to all 168 scripts from creator Jay Sommers' widow.

Bare is shopping the scripts around town, offering them to any network that wants to remake the series in this time of crisis. While the writers' strike is going on, several off-line shows could conceivably option the scripts and reenact them with their current cast members. This means we could very well see members of The Office acting out entire episodes of Green Acres.

Bare stated, "Studios are going to be searching for properties that have been written and ready to go into production without upsetting WGA in any way."

Bare is focused on remaking the series with look-alike cast members. He says that he already has a pilot written by William Justice Forbes that picks up where the 1971 finale of the series left off.

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