Miramax Films today announced that the trailer for Quentin Tarantino's highly anticipated "KILL BILL VOL. 2," starring Uma Thurman, Michael Madsen, Darryl Hannah and David Carradine, as "Bill," will make its worldwide premiere simultaneously on Entertainment Tonight and various Internet sites on Tuesday, April 6, 2004.

Viewers who tune into Entertainment Tonight or visit MovieWeb.com, or Quicktime.com on Tuesday will be the first to see the "KILL BILL VOL. 2" trailer.

After dispensing with former colleagues O-Ren Ishii and Vernita Green in "KILL BILL VOL. 1," the Bride (Thurman) resumes her quest for justice in the series' second installment, "KILL BILL VOL. 2." With those two down, the Bride has two remaining foes on her 'Death List' to pursue -- Budd (Michael Madsen) and Elle Driver (Darryl Hannah) -- before moving on to her ultimate goal ... to kill Bill (David Carradine).

"KILL BILL VOL. 2," which is produced by Lawrence Bender and Tarantino through their A Band Apart production company, is being released in theaters nationwide on April 16, 2004.

The soundtrack for "KILL BILL VOL. 2" will be released on April 13 by Maverick Records and will once again feature cutting edge tracks from Johnny Cash, Malcolm McLaren, The RZA and others.

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