Movie PictureHey kids! Constantin Films released a fax that has been translated by the good people over at {0} about the official word on the new Resident Evil movie that began shooting on March 5th! The story doesn't appear to be based on any one of the Resident Evil video games, but after reading a little bit about the {1}, it's looking pretty promising to me!

To the left we have a picture from Constantin Films of Milla Jovovich as "Alice" in the new movie! javascript:void(0|Click here to check out the larger version!Brock and I have sold our souls! Earlier this week we did an interview for that was pretty interesting. They posted the interview today, and after reading it this morning, I chuckled. You might chuckle too, you might not. We don't care. Just read the damn interview!

That's it for now! Short and sweet kiddies!

Stay tuned like a zombie or...whatever...~Brian