The Old Guard recently debuted on Netflix, and was the most-watched feature the platform has to currently offer following its premiere. Featuring Charlize Theron leading a group of immortal assassins, the action-thriller has received mostly favorable reviews. In an interview, director of the film Gina Prince-Bythewood spoke about the possibility of making The Old Guard 2.

"Foremost it is absolutely up to the audience . . . you just never know. I hope that the audience loves it and wants to see more. It was very important that the film itself has a beginning, middle, and end because I get annoyed by movies that leave things wide open. This was absolutely part of what the graphic novel was and how it ended."
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"Like, as someone in the audience I want to know what happened, ultimately. So I did love that bit of a tease. But it is up to the audience. Greg has always envisioned it as a trilogy, in terms of this graphic novel. So if the story gets to continue, you know, there's certainly more stories to tell."

The old Guard sees Theron in the role of Andromache ("Andy") of Scythia, the leader of a team of warriors who are centuries old, and unable to die. The group carries out assassinations the world over in secret to maintain the balance of power from tipping too much to one side. Complications set in when a corporation finds out about the existence of The Old Guard, and sets out to capture its members in order to learn the secrets to immortality.

Once the issue gets resolved, and the group escapes the clutches of the corporation, a tease for a sequel is set up near the end of the movie with the reappearance of Quynh, Andromache's former right-hand-sister-in-arms, who had been locked in an iron maiden and thrown in the ocean. There she had stayed locked away for 500 years, constantly drowning and yet never able to die. Needless to say, Quynh is more than a little pissed and looking to settle the score with a newly-mortal Andy.

So the groundwork has already been laid for a Netflix follow-up film, and as Prince-Bythewood says, it is up to the audience to watch the movie enough times to convince Netflix to greenlight a sequel. If and when such a project ever takes off, the filmmaker has some ideas for what storylines she would want to explore in the sequel.

"Quynh's character obviously has a big part in the future. The one thing that was in the graphic novel and in the original script that we couldn't do - it was really a time thing, and a question of focus - what I would obviously love to see everyone's backstory of how they came into being an immortal. Ultimately we decided we've got to focus on Andy on this one. But in the graphic novel with Nicky and Joe - those two, the way that they meet is so great."
"It would've been so much fun to shoot and it's just so visually stunning and emotional. And so I hope that if we gets another film, that that is certainly part of the story."

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