The Day After Tomorrow: According to Variety, The Orphanage, whose growing visual effects arm recently completed key sequences for Revolution Studios' Hellboy, has landed Fox's The Day After Tomorrow as its next project.

The Orphanage will complete more than 45 shots for the weather-run-amok disaster film, which bows May 28.

The Day After Tomorrow signals the Orphanage's growth over the years from a small boutique handling effects sequences on indie films and telepics to a company that can tackle studio tentpoles requiring hundreds of shots.

For the Roland Emmerich-helmed pic, Orphanage visual effects supervisor Remo Balcells and visual effects producer Jody Echegaray will lead a team of 60 effects artists to create digital environments, character animation and dynamic particle simulations.

The Orphanage also created effects shots for Dimension's "Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over," United Artists' "Jeepers Creepers 2," the HBO pic "Iron Jawed Angels" and Miramax's "Hero."