Movie PictureWell the Oscars have come and gone kiddies. Gladiator took the cake and ate it too. But hey, I was glad to see those little golden chumps go to a wide range of talent instead of being localized to one great movie. If you missed it, you missed some great and moving acceptance speeches from Russell Crowe and Julia Roberts, but not all is lost. You can still go to the official {0} website and take a look at the winners list as well as recap the footage of last night's ceremony with their video archive.

I was a little disappointed that Truck Guy 5 wasn't even mentioned, not even cracked on by Steve Martin, but hey, there's always next year...javascript:void(0|Mushy's Movie Minute has gotten a new look! Even though Mushy needs to be slapped around for his remarks about Ang Lee and "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon," I think everyone will love the new look of Mushy and his 60 seconds of ramble. Visit javascript:void(0|Mushy's Movie Minute version 2.0 today!

Ain't It Cool News has posted the new Pearl Harbor commercial! As Robogeek has stated in the past, an Apple powerbook and Tivo has never looked so good. I agree. Check this commercial out today!

Speaking of commercials I found the greatest piece of Resident Evil media on the web! If you are a fan of the game you are going to wanna check out this supposed George Romero directed Resident Evil 2 Commercial! This thing was only aired in Japan, but thanks to the world wide web we can get this thing right into our houses! This is probably the closest thing that we'll ever have to a Resident Evil movie that follows actual storylines and characters of the game so don't get left out! Get the Resident Evil 2 Commercial!!!

In other video game news has posted 8 new movies of hands on play of Devil May Cry! Survival horror at it's greatest! I can't wait!

Back to movies news, Ain't It Cool has been showing some interesting CNN footage of Johnny Depp's upcoming film, From Hell. It doesn't reveal much about anything, but after looking at the locations and some of the characters, this movie looks very promising.

A new fan flick trailer has reached called Millenium's End: The Fandom Menace. This flick looks like it'll be a pretty good representation of the Star Wars phenomenon that surrounded Episode 1, but nothing, and I mean nothing, will get you as close to "fandemonium" then a little Lights Out produced short entitled "Back Of The Line." Yeah. that's right. {@IMG:IrUHL8O5FQX8LAHIRSumEgYWvofs2b|Movie [email protected]}Big trouble little China DVD coming May22nd! Kurt Russell commentary! behind the scenes footage! FX shots! What a deal! Keep your eyes peeled!See you soon...~Brian