The Osmond Brothers reunited this week for a 50th Anniversary Reunion Show. According to The Hollywood Reporter, they were joined by their siblings Donny, Marie and Jimmy.

The show will air next year on PBS. A reunion of all the Osmonds on stage at one time hasn't happened in 20 years. The PBS concert will celebrate the family's original foray into show business.

The Osmonds have recorded 142 albums, selling 100 million copies with 51 gold and platinum recordings. In 1971, the Osmond brothers, including then-heartthrob Donny, tallied nine gold records, surpassing single-year bests by Elvis and the Beatles.

Marie Osmond stated, "I don't think they've been honored or the accolades haven't been what they should be. We think it could be that in the '70s it was drugs, sex and alcohol, and they were clean cut. They were god-fearing moral men. ... I think people think, oh, that's goody-goody. I think it's called smart."