Musician Jack White stepped up and donated $30,000 to restore the house used in Francis Ford Coppola's 1983 film The Outsiders. The movie is based off of S.E. Hinton's classic 1967 novel and the house, which is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is going to be turned into a museum to pay tribute to both the movie and the book. The home is currently in pretty rough shape and was in danger of being torn down until a crowdsourcing campaign was started.

Danny O'Connor, aka Danny Boy from hip hop group House of Pain, is a massive The Outsiders fan and he recently purchased the home, better known as the Curtis Brothers house, where the movie was filmed, with a few friends who have the intention of turning it into a museum. After purchasing the house, it was revealed that it needed a lot more work than previously thought, so O'Connor took to crowdsourcing to get the restoration process started, which is where former White Stripes front man Jack White got involved.

Danny O'Connor and The Outsiders team were originally trying to raise $75,000 to complete their goal and had raised $45,000 on their own. However, after the campaign had been up for a while, Jack White stepped up to donate the remaining $30,000 to meet their goal and make the museum a reality. White is known for his philanthropy, but he tends to do the donating under the radar. Back in 2009, he donated $170,000 to restore a baseball field in his hometown of Detroit, Michigan. The musician did everything in secret and it wasn't revealed that he had donated the money until well after the restoration had been complete.

Work on The Outsiders museum is expected to begin shortly. Danny O'Connor says that they are going to do their best to get the house back to its "Greaser" roots and make it look like it did back when Francis Ford Coppola directed the film. O'Connor and crew purchased the house in 2016 and it took them two years to come up with the money for the restoration. The former rapper says that he and a bunch of other The Outsiders fans are going to donate their own personal memorabilia that they have collected over the years for inclusion in the museum.

It is currently unclear when the restoration process will begin now that The Outsiders museum campaign has met its goal. However, Danny O'Connor and other S.E. Hinton fans are going to want to get the place ready for public viewing as soon as possible. For further updates on the progress of the museum, you can head over to the Go Fund Me campaign page. The Outsiders fans may also want to hit up Jack White and thank him for his generous donation to save the house and make the museum dream a reality.