According to The Hollywood Reporter, It proved to be another upset at the North American boxoffice this weekend. On Friday, it looked like a horse race between two star vehicles for the top spot, with the John Travolta starrer Be Cool, a sequel to the hit Get Shorty, being given the edge over the Vin Diesel starrer The Pacifier, his first family comedy. But at the end of the day, it wasn't even close as the The Pacifier and a strong response by the family audience turned the tables and put the chill on Be Cool.

The PG-rated The Pacifier, from Buena Vista and produced by Walt Disney Pictures and Spyglass Entertainment, was projected to land in the low-$20 million area but far exceeded those expectations. By the end of the weekend, the Adam Shankman-helmed The Pacifier reached a soothing estimate of $30.2 million and captured first place. MGM's Be Cool, a PG-13 comedy in which Travolta reprises his role as Chili Palmer, arrived in the second spot with an estimated $23.5 million. The opening marked Travolta's highest to date, edging out the $23.4 million debut of Paramount's Face/Off in 1997.

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