Not only is this wonderful movie coming to television, the Hallmark Channel is going to be broadcasting on their website via broadband an exclusive "Making of" feature and a scene featuring Gerard Butler singing "No One Would Listen," which never made it into the film. The haunting song is the same melody to which Minnie Driver sings the closing song over the ending credits, however listening to the "Phantom" sing his version is something fans will definitely want to see and hear. The 56-minute making of feature will be a "must see" for fans of this incredible film.

The story focuses on a disfigured musical genius who takes one young singer, Christine, under his wing. He not only teaches her about music but he becomes obsessed with her and her career. He will do anything to advance her career and bring her closer to him. She is his reason for living. However the opera's prima donna (Minnie Driver) insists she sing the starring roles. The theater's patron (Patrick Wilson) is an old friend of Christine and when they are reunited their plans are not what the phantom has in mind. He wants Christine for himself and will stop at nothing to get and keep her.

The incredible songs by Andrew Lloyd Webber and the haunting story combine to make this a remarkable event. Now, with the bonus feature at immediately following The Phantom of the Opera's premiere on June 23, fans get even more of this amazing and brilliant movie.