Are you ready for some deadly hunter action in the third-dimension? Because it's happening. According to the movie's writer Fred Dekker (Monster Squad), Predator is going to be released in 3D. So, if you've wanted it to feel like one of the most terrifying and deadly aliens to ever grace the silver screen is actually coming at you, then you're in luck.

Fred Dekker recently took to his personal Facebook page to confirm that The Predator is undergoing some reshoots in Canada. At the moment, there's no reason to panic, as reshoots are fairly common practice for big studio movies these days. Though, Fox has been rather shy about releasing any official photos from the movie. They did release a poster last year. Dekker has now confirmed in his most recent post that a teaser trailer for the movie is coming soon. In the comment section of the post, a fan asked if the movie was being converted to 3D, to which Dekker simply confirmed, "yes."

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Some have been a bit wary of this new Predator movie. Not only because recent entries in the franchise have failed to impress, but because so few official details have been revealed and, what has come out seems a bit bizarre. The best example of this being the suburban setting, which is in stark contrast to the jungle that helped make the first movie, and arguably the only great movie in the series, so great. But the fact that Fox is spending the money to convert The Predator to 3D does seem to bode well. Granted, that can mean more return at the box office as well, but if they're throwing more money at it, then they must have some faith in what director Shane black has managed to accomplish

Shane Black, who starred in the original Predator, has been hard at work on The Predator for some time now, which will serve as a desperately needed relaunch of the franchise. It isn't going to be entirely a reboot though, as there will be connections to the events of the original movies. Jake Busey is playing the son of his father Gary Busey's character from Predator 2. But still, this will mostly be a reboot of a franchise that has a lot of potential, but really needs someone to come in and get it back on track. At the moment, it doesn't appear as though Arnold Schwarzenegger is going to have any sort of role in The Predator, but maybe they can sneak him in during the reshoots. Just don't get your hopes up.

The Predator has had its release date bumped a few times. It was supposed to come out in August, but was recently moved to September 14. Can this be the movie fans have been waiting a long time to see? And will it be worth spending the extra money on to see it in 3D? We'll have a better idea once that teaser trailer arrives. This news comes to us courtesy of Fred Dekker's Facebook page.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott