Arnold Schwarzenegger won't be featured in The Predator, but one of his classic lines will be. The cast from the upcoming sequel appeared on Conan from San Diego Comic-Con following their panel for the movie yesterday. While reminiscing about Schwarzenegger's classic line, "Get to the chopper," a couple of cast members decided to showcase their best impressions of the actor and former governor of California. In the process, they revealed that the classic line is actually going to be in the new movie. Here's what Keegan Michael Key had to say.

"That line is in there. The line is in the movie and we're mercilessly doing impressions all the time."

Keegan Michael Key revealed that they couldn't help but impersonate Arnold Schwarzenegger during filming. Key did a quick impression, which was mostly grunts. He then called out Sterling K. Brown for having the best impersonation in the cast. After some convincing, Brown did a rendition of "Get to the Chopper!" We don't know just yet if this movie is going to be any good, but the cast certainly seems to be having a great deal of fun with one another. Plus, they're paying homage to Schwarzenegger by including the famous line, which could be great, if done correctly.

Olivia Munn, Boyd Holbrook, Sterling K. Brown, Keegan Michael Key, Trevante Rhodes, Jake Busey and Thomas Jane were all on hand at SDCC 2018, as well as on Conan, with director Shane Black. Fox has a lot of upcoming movies to promote, but they decided to focus heavily on The Predator at the event this year. After several release date delays and a whole bunch of reshoots, it appears as though they have some confidence in their revival of the sci-fi movie series.

On Conan, Shane Black, who actually starred in the original movie, discussed a bit about the idea that the Predators in the movie have been genetically upgraded. "What we strove for was a predator that's been bred as an assassin, so he incorporates traits from other species. So this one opens his mouth really big and bites off your head," Black said. During the SDCC panel, he talked a bit about the dynamic that exists with the new ensemble cast.

"They are these misfits that comes together. It's important that they are good at what they do, and also that they've forgot that ... it's the modern equivalent to me as the group in the first movie."

Shane Black co-wrote the screenplay with Fred Decker. The two previously collaborated on Monster Squad. Fox, unfortunately, didn't release a new trailer, but they did showcase several clips from the movie during the panel, which were met with a warm reception. They were also said to be quite violent and reveal that the movie earns its R-rating. The Predator is set to arrive in theaters on September 14. You can check out the cast paying homage to Arnold Schwarzenegger, courtesy of the Team Coco YouTube channel, for yourself below.

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Ryan Scott