The Ultimate Predator arrives on Earth in the first clip from Shane Black's The Predator, asking an old hunter for some information before brutally attacking it. Early reviews for the movie are in, and they're mixed, but most of the first reactions indicate that it's bloody with a bunch of comedy, which is evident in the latest clip. The Predator is all set to hit theaters next weekend, and 20th Century Fox is putting the promotional campaign on overdrive to combat some recent bad press.

Shane Black is attempting to take The Predator back to its roots, and for the most part, it looks like he has succeeded, as evidenced by all of the promotional material that has been released in the last several months. The film had to undergo lengthy reshoots in order to fix the ending and make some additions after initial test screenings were negative. However, we'll have to wait until next week to see if Black was truly able to pull off his lofty goal.

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It was revealed earlier this week that Shane Black had hired his long-time friend Steven Wilder Striegel, who is a registered sex offender for a scene in The Predator. The director did not tell 20th Century Fox or the cast about Striegel's past, which resulted in Black having to make some apologies. Black contends that he didn't know the extent of Striegel's offense, which has caused some controversy with actress Olivia Munn and the studio, who maintain that they had no knowledge about Striegel's crimes.

20th Century Fox quickly pulled the scene that Steven Wilder Striegel worked on and released a statement. Olivia Munn was the one who told the studio about Striegel and has revealed that it took 20th Century Fox a few days to return her call. The actress said that she would not make an appearance at the MTV Awards unless some action was taken, which led to Striegel's scene being cut. The controversy has put a bit of a black cloud over The Predator, with many angry over the fact that Shane Black would hire a known sex offender for a part.

The Predator stars Boyd Holbrook, Trevante Rhodes, Jacob Tremblay, Keegan-Michael Key, Olivia Munn, Sterling K. Brown, Alfie Allen, Thomas Jane, Augusto Aguilera, Jake Busey, and Yvonne Strahovski. The Predators are back on Earth, but this time a new hunter has been introduced, and it looks truly terrifying. The way that the Ultimate Predator is able to easily take down one of the older hunters gives Shane Black's vision an edge that is new to the franchise. The recent mixed reviews and the controversy surrounding the hiring of Steven Wilder Striegel are sure to have an effect on the box office when the film opens next week, so it will be interesting to see how everything pans out. You can check out the brand-new clip from The Predator below, thanks to the 20th Century Fox YouTube channel.

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