Funko's line of vinyl, blockheaded Pops! are to today's fans of cinema and geek-culture what Beanie Babies were to collectors in the 1990s. There's something absurd yet irresistible about the unblinking, usually-mouthless figures; it's a juxtaposition that works especially well for horror villains, turning the genre's most feared slashers and fiends into cutie-pies by the dozens. Today, Funko revealed a new wave of Pops! based on Shane Black's upcoming reboot of 1987's Predator, The Predator. As expected, their silly as hell and cool as shit, and you're welcome to give the new merch a look-see in the image below-just be warned: Simply looking at this picture could spoil some of the film's plot points and surprises.

While we've been hearing rumors of genetically engineered "Predator Dogs" in The Predator for months now, these creatures were one of the few aspects of the film not previously revealed in the film's trailers. Now, with Funko's announcement, we have a pretty good idea what these buggers will look like; sure, they've been Pop!-ified, but it's not too difficult to imagine them in their true form. Either way, it's a peek at one of The Predator's secrets and, at this rate, there won't be much moviegoers won't be expecting when the film finally invades US theaters on September 14th.

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The full set of The Predator toys from Funko also includes a Rory McKenna figure. Played by Jacob Tremblay, the tyke is wearing one of the intergalactic game hunters' iconic metal masks while holding a bucket. All of a sudden, an entire plotline (or at least a plot motivator) becomes clear as day: It's coming up on Halloween and McKenna finds some secret Predator hardware in a box in his basement. While I'm certain this is all Act 1 material, it's just another example of a promotional push that blows an aspect of the film best saved for the big screen. The entire situation is similar to the recent reveal of NECA's new Michael Myers action figure, which includes an accessory that can only be considered a major spoiler for Blumhouse's upcoming Halloween reboot. It reflects an ongoing balancing act intended to entice moviegoers with A+ teasers without diminishing the viewing experience in advance.

The Predator's sizable ensemble cast includes Thomas Jane, Jake Busey, Trevante Rhodes, Boyd Holbrook, Jacob Tremblay, Olivia Munn, Keegan-Michael Key, and Augusto Aguilera. Edward James Olmos participated in the production, but his character was completely axed in favor of a concise runtime. Black co-wrote the screenplay for The Predator with Fred Dekker (Night of the Creeps, The Monster Squad). Give the trailer a spin below.

The pRedator Funko Pop Toys
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Josh Millican