Director Shane Black confirms that The Predator has wrapped filming. Black previously announced that filming started on February 20th, 2017 in Vancouver. At the time, Black promised that the writing was "so fresh, the perspective so fresh," and that we're getting something unexpected. The thought process going into The Predator was definitely a reinvention to a franchise that has been pretty much hit or miss since the original 1987 movie Predator.

The 15-week production officially ended this week, and many of the cast and crew have been bidding farewell to each other on social media. Young star Jacob Tremblay made the first announcement on his Twitter page late yesterday. The 10-year old star used a bunch of hashtags and emojis to convey that production had wrapped and that it's time to "get to the choppa." Star Boyd Holbrook shared his "Make Predator Great Again" hat on Instagram, a gift given to him and the rest of the cast from visual effects creators Todd Maskers and his team.

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Black has said that he will now take a few weeks off to recharge before starting post-production. After the vacation it will be time to hit the editing room and time for the heavy lifting for Todd Maskers and his visual effects crew. The shooting only took a little over 4 months to complete and seems to be right on, if not ahead of schedule for the official release in August of 2018. This news comes after a new teaser poster for The Predator was unveiled at Licensing Expo in Las Vegas last month. The poster raised some questions to where Black may be taking the franchise after it took a classic quote from the original movie, twisting it, giving off a slightly goofy vibe for the new movie. Instead of Arnold Schwarzenegger's iconic line, 'You're one ugly mother f**ker!', the new says, 'You're one beautiful mother f**ker!' Take that as you will.

Much of the story and details are still tightly under wraps, but expect more information to pour in once the media blitz is started to promote the movie. When Holbrook confirmed his involvement in the project, he echoed Black's sentiment that the crew had made something new and different while still staying true to what the Predator franchise is all about. It is unclear if The Predator will be a straight sequel, as we've gotten mixed reports on whether or not that's true. Some say the movie will take place after the previous two installments, while Holbrook has called it a "horror, science fiction, and a western" movie.

The teaser trailers will probably start to get sent out this fall to get a head start and raise the excitement level for Black's The Predator, which is set to open on August 3rd, 2018. Original star Arnold Schwarzenegger has openly announced that he was not pleased with the script and therefore will not be a part of the new movie. But maybe he was never even invited in the first place and he's just deflecting. Or he has a secret cameo he doesn't want anyone to know about. Stranger things have happened.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick