After much waiting and quite a few delays, The Predator is arriving in theaters this weekend. Though not without controversy. And early reviews have been wildly mixed. The above takeaway from it all is that this is a very fun, if not somewhat messy, entry in the official Predator canon. Now, fans can celebrate their love and/or hate for the movie by sporting a cool new T-shirt ripped right off the hunter's back.

That's right, Fright Rags is back on the scene this morning with some very cool merchandise for The Predator. It comes along with Fright Rags first look at some other titles, which includes a very cool Slashback Video T-Shirt and some brand new Teen Wolf merch, so that along with The Predator, you can show off your love for another 80s fave, Michael J. Fox.

This amazing merchandise is available right now at the official Fright Rags online shop. They warn that the hunt has evolved in The Predator! Fright-Rags celebrates the release of this new entry in the Predator franchise, in theaters now via 20th Century Fox, with officially licensed apparel, plus all their new, frankly quite amazing, shirts from Teen Wolf and Slashback Video.

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The Predator returns with two official designs from Fright-Rags, both of which are available on T-shirts and baseball tees. There's also an exclusive Predator enamel pin with a flip-open mask to reveal the ugly mother behind it. The first shirt shows off the cool theatrical poster art, which has the Ultimate Predator gripping the classic Hunter helmet in its claw-like paw. The second shirt has the hunter coming out of the shadows, its eyes glowing yellow. This dude's ready to strike and kill at will. The enamel pins are flip open, and feature the hunter's helmet and face. That is one ugly mofo.

Unleash your inner werewolf with Fright-Rags' Teen Wolf collection. The '80s classic starring Michael J. Fox has received six new shirt designs, one of which is also available on baseball tees.

Fright-Rags is also a proud sponsor of Slashback Video. If you're unable to make it to the video store art exhibition, currently on display at The Mystic Museum in Burbank, CA, you can relive the glory days of VHS with Fright-Rags' Revenge of Slashback Video shirt. The Predator, Teen Wolf, and Slashback Video apparel is available now at

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