20th Century Fox decided to unload its 2018 slate all at once, offering plenty of new release dates and changing others. Buried at the very end of this announcement is the fact that The Predator is being delayed by quite a few months. It moves from its February 3 dumping ground to August 3, 2018.

While any given movie's delay is cause for alarm, that's not the case here. It appears that 20th Century Fox has a little more confidence in their sci-fi horror reboot, and want to give it a much more attractive summer release date. No other new details have emerged.

The Hollywood Reporter announced this slight delay in The Predator release date. Initially, the galaxy's greatest hunter had the February 3 release date all too itself. Though the movie would have gotten massacred in its second weekend by the final sequel in the Grey trilogy Fifty Shades Freed. It was also set to go up against an Untitled Warner Animated movie in that slot, but the Bros. haven't even hinted at what that movie might be. Also arriving in February of next year is Black Panther, on February 16, along with the wide release Game Night, and on February 23, the sequel Pacific Rim: Uprising storms our beaches.

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The Predator will possibly have a rougher go of it in its new August 3 release slot. It will be facing off against the comedy Holmes and Watson, which reunites Step Brothers co-stars Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly. Disney is also unleashing another live-action adaptation of a popular animated movie on that date, but they aren't letting anyone know what that is just yet. It could be Dumbo, though.

While 20th Century Fox seems to have a sudden boost of confidence when it comes to The Predator, the same can't be said for original star Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has never appeared in any of the sequels or Aline Vs Predator spin-offs. He didn't like the script and declined the chance to be featured in a cameo that would have happened in the final act of the movie.

Edward James Olmos recently joined the cast shortly after filming began earlier this year. He'll be joined on screen by an ensemble that includes Boyd Holbrook, Jacob Tremblay, Keegan-Michael Key, Trevante Rhodes, Thomas Jane, Alfie Allen, Sterling K. Brown, Yvonne Strahovski and Olivia Munn. Director Shane Black, who actually co-starred in the 1987 original, has shared a few select images of his cast since production began.

For awhile now, the movie is said to take place in Suburbia, despite the director denying that fact. The main story will revolve around Jacob Tremblay's character, an autistic kid who has the 'preternatural ability' to learn languages, including those of an extra-terrestrial origin. Boyd Holbrook stars as the boy's father, an ex-Marine who discovers the existence of the Predator. No one believes him, so he gathers a rag-tag team of mercenaries to go on a hunt, using his bullied son to help communicate with them. There is the notion that Holbrook will convince at least one of these Predator aliens to join their fight, and help the military. As we've seen in Alien Vs. Predator, a Predator and Human truce is not out of the question. We have it on good authority that all of the Predators will be CGI this time around, not men in suits as the previous sequels have given us.

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