Just a few weeks ago, Shane Black's The Predator received a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive poster that was really cool and featured a hunter's head made up of skulls, and for some, it was the best of all of the promotional material that had been released. However, a new Chinese poster is taking the franchise back to its roots with the iconic thermal "Predator vision" on full display. But this time there's a twist as the hunter is seen through the eyes of another hunter, perhaps the genetically modified Ultimate Predator, switching the tables.

Now that The Predator is only weeks away from hitting theaters, fans have a better idea what they're in for this time around. Much like Sony's Venom movie, both films get better as more promotional material is released. Both movies were initially written off when the first respective trailers were released, but now there is genuine excitement after a bunch of new trailers and TV spots have been released. With The Predator, the tone looks to be much darker than what was previously shown off, which is what fans of the franchise want.

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Director Shane Black was recently asked about the possibility of an alternate cut of The Predator getting released at some point. While Black admits that there is unused footage, plus the entire original ending that takes place during the day, he notes that the effects are not complete. With that being said, the Blu-ray release could end up with another cut of the film, if the studio wants to go spend a few extra million to complete the effects and have them up to snuff with the rest of the movie. He called the potential different cuts the "Predator PM" and "Predator AM."

Basically, in order for an alternate cut of The Predator to get released in any way, the movie will have to bring in some serious box office money. Otherwise, it just wouldn't be worth it. Even the idea of going in to complete that digital effects and costing a few extra million seems a bit ridiculous, but in the end, it could happen, it just seems highly unlikely at this point. As for how The Predator will do at the box office during its theatrical run, that's anybody's guess for the time being.

Speaking of alternate cuts, it has also been reported that The Predator is going in for another round of reshoots, just 6 weeks before the movie is scheduled to hit theaters, which means there might be even more extra footage for said alternate cut. It's believed that the studio wants some kind of hint at a sequel at the end of the movie. Again, like the alternate cut, a sequel will depend on how well everything goes at the box office. While we wait to find out, you can check out the awesome new international poster for 20th Century Fox'sThe Predator below.

The Predator International Poster
Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick